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Extra OTT IPTV is the latest and one of the best IPTV services usually designed for Android devices that require an activation code. It often comes as pre-installed on most of the receivers before the advent

The Extra OTT IPTV app is also available for download at Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iPhone or iOS devices. The Channel’s contents entail Arab, US, Asia, Canada, Africa, And European channels. In this post, I will share my experience while using the IPTV Player app and how to purchase the Extra OTT IPTV activation code. Let’s move on to do the review.

Live And VOD

Extra OTT IPTV Player App Features:

  • Support different streaming formats, e.g., SD, HD, HEVC H.265, and 4K channels
  • Setup favorite
  • Ability to query due dates and activation code
  • Friendly and attractive user interface
  • Stable server
  • Ability to change themes
  • Support three different players such as Exo, VLC, and Media Player.

Extra OTT IPTV Apk App: Graphics Interface

The app logo is the same as the IPTV icon found on the satellite IPTV receiver. The IPTV Player app interface seems beautiful. You can enter the activation code and click on login to get access to the content

The channels are grouped as Live tv, Movies, and Series. You can’t change Extra OTT IPTV apk app background

Extra OTT IPTV Activation Code


Three different player powers the Royal IPTV Player apps, such as Exo Player, VLC, and Media Player. The Exo Player is set at default, though you can modify and change your preferred player under settings. There’s an option to activate “Auto Startup” anytime the devices are powered only on mobile and TV boxes.

Most of the channels from Arabs countries are working fine that justifies the performance of the servers. There are HEVC and 4K channels that require more than 2MB/s for 4K TVs. There are hundreds of movies and Series available in the Channel’s library, and it continuously updates every time.

Where To Download Extra OTT IPTV App


Country Supported Channels

The following are the countries it covers, such as Gulf or Arab, U.S, Canada, UK, Germany, Turkey, Africa, Brazil, Iran, Portugal, Albania, France, etc. It seems to be more advanced than myhd premier IPTV and Neo X IPTV.

Extra IPTV


As I have said earlier, the app player supports Android, iOS, android tv boxes, and tablets. It also supports satellite IPTV receiver as follows:

  1. Android TV Box
  2. Android TV Box or Firesticks using IPTV Smarters Pro App.
  3. Tiger Receiver: Tiger T3000, Tiger T8HD and Tiger M series
  4. Starsat Receiver: Starsat T14 and Starsat Extreme Series
  5. Mediastar: MS Diamond Z1, Z2PhoenixZenon, and others.
Extra IPTV Price


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Why You Should Buy An IPTV Subscription?

IPTV is the largest provider of International IPTV channels on the market. First, it gives you the ability to watch your favorite channels on your device anywhere you need internet access. IPTV is an alternative to traditional cable services, which only requires internet access, so it's time to ditch the cable.


    Fast zapping is an option that allows you to cache the memory of the previous channel and the next channel of the one watched, which will ensure you access in a fraction of a second. We have an incredible Channel Zapping Time, around 0.5 seconds!


    We have a large team to support you throughout your subscription, assistance with installation, activation, technical issues...24/7 assistance services by Email, WhatsApp.